2015 panguni brahmOthsavam

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Thanks to rukmiNi ammangar and satakopan swamy for the pictures

Travelogue by PB Lakshmi Narasimhan swamy

Thiruninravur brahmotsavam 2015- 8th day utsavam

Feature of the day:-

Utsavar Sri Patharaavi in “vennai thaazhi kannan” thirukkolam inside a pallakku(palanquin) with also a flute in hand revealing both His side-bent tender thiruvadis (Amudanar’s “nangaL panji thiruvadi pinnai than kaadhalan comes to mind) for His bhaktas! What a beauty He is! My lord! He was sporting a lovely thiruman srichurnam.

Ennai petra thaayaar was dazzling & adorned flowers like Sri Padmavathy of TiruchAnur and thayar utsavar crowned with a glittering & colorful “Pandian kondai”. She was just incredible!!

Moolavar Bakthavatsalam with kabaai in a stylish northern kind pyjama pant and a king kind of Red mEl aadai (upper garment) with fine colorful beads arranged on His big, bold and brilliant sangu chakkaram. I’m not sure if any other Divyadesa perumals have a bigger sanku chakkaram than Bakthavatsalam! He wore a long velvet crown. It is noteworthy to observe He was beautifully sporting pancha aayuthams of sanku,chakkaram,vaaL, a beautifully crafted vil and gadhai! Adiyen was thrilled to realise this total rarity suddenly; enquired sannidhi bhattar and came to know it is ONLY ONCE in a year that emperumAn adorns this sAtruppadi/alankAram!!!

Arulicheyal : siriya thirumadal and periya tirumozhi (continuation) for thiruveedhi goshti with Tirumala jeeyars decorating and leading the goshti from the front. Adiyen had the bhagyam of taking part in this elite goshti.

After purappadu, and after satrumarai at the temple entrance, we also had a “Iyal saatru” satrumarai in Manavala mAmunikal sannidhi with a piece of dosai prasadam.

After a short break, Patharaavi had His afternoon thirumanjanam leisurely with goshti reciting vedam. Now, He switched on to a shining thilakam from thiruman kaapu:-) In the mean time, we went to Tirumala jeeyar mutt and had tasty thadeeyaradhana prasadams.

Then followed the amazing visual treat – “thotti thirumanjanam” where archakAs hold Perumal and ubaya nachimars with chathra (unique metal umbrella) sAmarams(fanning) in KAITHALAM and dips His holy thiruvadi in a thotti/vessel filled with fragrant Theertham which was pre-purified by proper agamic rituals by the archakar! It was such a sight to watch! After this personally emotional event anubhavam, it was satrumurai and prasadams for all. We were sprinkled with the holy Theertham with which Emperuman washed His soft feet! What bAgyam! What krupai! Bakthavatsalan/ Baktharaavi lived up to His name adiyen thought:-) He shall continue to live up to it forever, no doubt.

Finally it was time to unwillingly part from the enchanting smile of Patharaavi to catch up with the heart throb Parthasarathy of Thiruvallikeni.

So, kindly mark your calendar next year to attend 8th day brahmotsavam of this lovely personal-favourite divyadesam.

Adiyen srivaishnava dasan,
PB Lakshmi Narasimhan.

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